How Can We Make Your Online Experience More Pleasant?

ChicagoNetTech offers a variety of Technology Services including: Internet Web and E-Mail Hosting, Remote Backup Solutions, Data Network Design and Maintenance,   Networking Analysis, Data Services, Norstar Telephone System Sales and Maintenance and Telephony / Data Integration, including Voice-Over IP Solutions. We also work closely with Comcast to help provision, and, should the requirement of troubleshooting ever be required, to resolve any issues with their services.

E-Mail Starting at just $10.00 per Month! ChicagoNetTech can provide your company with basic e-mail services, up to three e-mail boxes, for only $10.00 per month.

ChicagoNetTech's Webmail E-Mail Interface
ChicagoNetTech's Webmail E-Mail Interface

Add full web hosting, with E-Mail, for only $29.95 per month, which also includes weekly statistical reporting of all website traffic.

Highly Secure Exchange ActiveSync E-Mail with Failover! ChicagoNetTech can now provide managed e-mail hosted services for your company on highly secure, fully managed, SmarterMail based mail servers running SSL/TLS which provide.

SSL/TLS is INCLUDED for all hosted customers.

We also provide SSL/TLS secure POP / SMTP / IMAP connections in the basic hosting price.  Exchange Web Services [EWS] and CalDAV/WebDAV are also included in the base price.  

Antispam, Antivirus, and Greylisting are also included in the base price.*  [* Note that almost 95% of all e-mail received is now spam and must be filtered out to prevent delivery to the customer's in box.  There is NO GUARANTEE we can eliminate all incoming spam, but we will do our best to ensure that we eliminate as much as possible!]  

SPF, DOMAIN KEY and DKIM signing, and DMARK records are included at no additional cost.  These records help to guarantee the integrity of both the e-mail server and our customer's reputations as a good Internet Citizen and guarantee that all e-mail is from their domain.  This virtually eliminates joe-jobbing and e-mail identity theft.

Regular reports of traffic, spam and viruses are included at no additional cost as well.  These will be delivered to the in-box of your choice once a week.  Monthly analysis will also be run and reported, via e-mail, on a monthly basis.

Sample Report: Visitor Trend by Day
Sample "Visitor Trend by Day" report

Other Hosting plans are also available in a variety of affordable packages and include web hosting, e-mail, and statistical analysis of your website traffic with regular reporting included in all package types.   ChicagoNetTech's e-mail hosting solution provides full SSL/TLS encryption of all e-mail, for all customers, from creation to delivery where the receiving mail server supports TLS encryption.  We'll work with you to plan your site, reach your objectives, and design pages that attract attention without consuming bandwidth.

Network security has never been more important than it is today.  ChicagoNetTech can asses your network infrastructure and security and work with you to make certain your business doesn't become a statistic.

Our Communications Services are planned to help you Increase the Productivity of your Staff and Business as well as Prevent Down-Time of your critical Network and Communications Equipment.

To learn how ChicagoNetTech can help your company become more productive, please contact us today.

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